Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer was founded in 1993 as part of the United States' successful bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The first season took place in 1996 with ten teams.
The league runs from March to October and teams are divided into Eastern & Western Conferences.

Midway through the season, they break for the annual All Star Game. This is a friendly game between the league's best players & a major club from a different league.

In years to come, the USA are set to become a force in world football. The game continues to make massive strides at grass root level and the number of talented home grown players coming to surface, continues to grow.

The progress of MLS shows no sign of slowing down, as the league continues to expand.
In the last 2 years, a 2nd team from New York was admitted, along with Orlando City. In 2017 sides from Atlanta & Minnesota were added, with teams from Los Angeles & Miami joining in 2018.
The league further plans to expand to 26 teams by the beginning of the 2020 season and to 28 teams at a later date.

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